REC India

Rural Electrification Corporation Limited
A Government Of India Enterprise

Tenders Awarded Details

Details of Contracts Concluded
(In reference to U.O. No. REC/Vig./ii (350)/08/57
dt: 04.02.2010)
Month & Year   Divisions those who have awarded contract value more than Rs. 3 lakhs
June,2017 a REN
May,2017 a ITRECPDCLPO Hyderabad, CIRE
April, 2017 a ITRECPDCL
March, 2017 a IT, AdminRECPDCL
February, 2017 a ITRECPDCL, PO Jaipur
January, 2017 a RECPDCL
Dec, 2016 a RECTPCL
Oct, 2016 a RECPDCL
Sep, 2016 a RECPDCL
Aug, 2016 a RECPDCL
July, 2016 a RECPDCL
June,2016 a RECPDCL
Feb,2016 a RECPDCL
Jan,2016 a  
Dec,2015 a RECTPCL, PO HyderabadRECPDCL
Nov,2015 a RECPDCL
Oct,2015 a ResourcesRECPDCL
Sep,2015 a RECPDCL
Aug, 2015 a Loans, RECTPCLRECPDCL
July, 2015 a RECPDCL
June,2015 a  Estates, RECPDCL
May, 2015 a Estates, RECPDCL
April, 2015 a RECTPCL, RECPDCL
March, 2015 a ALMEstates
February, 2015 a RECTPCL
January, 2015 a Estates
June, 2014 a RECPDCL
May, 2014 a IT
March, 2014 a RECTPCL
February, 2014 a DDG
December, 2013 a IT, RECPDCL
November, 2013 a IT
October, 2013 a Estates, PO Lucknow
September, 2013 a REC TPCL, IT, REC PDCL
August, 2013 a REC TPCL
July, 2013 a REC TPCL, IT, Estates
May, 2013 a REC PDCL, IT
April, 2013 a REC TPCL
Mar., 2013 a REC PDCL, IT
Feb., 2013 a REC PDCL, REC TPCL
Jan., 2013 a REC PDCL, REC TPCL
Nov., 2012 a REC PDCL
Oct., 2012 a REC TPCL, IT, REC PDCL, Estates
Sep., 2012 a CCPR
Aug., 2012 a REC PDCL
July, 2012 a REC PDCL
June, 2012 a IT, REC PDCL
May, 2012 a IT
April, 2012 a IT
Mar., 2012 a IT
Feb., 2012 a IT , REC PDCL
Dec, 2011 a IT
Nov., 2011 a IT , REC PDCL
Sep., 2011 a REC PDCL
June, 2011 a REC PDCL
May, 2011 a IT
March, 2011 a REC PDCL
January, 2011 a REC PDCL
December, 2010 a REC PDCL, IT
August, 2010 a REC PDCL
July, 2010 a REC PDCL
June, 2010 a IT
May, 2010 a REC PDCL
Mar, 2010 a REC PDCL
Jan, 2010 a FPO Cell
Nov, 2009 a FPO Cell
Oct, 2009 a IT , REC PDCL
July, 2009 a REC PDCL
June, 2009 a Administration
December, 2008 a IT
November, 2008 a IT
August, 2008 a IT Division, Administration
July, 2008 a IT Division, Administration
March, 2008 a REC PDCL
January, 2008 a Administration
December, 2007 a IPO
November, 2007 a Generation
October, 2007 a IT Division
September, 2007 a IPO Division
August, 2007 a Generation
a IPO Division
July, 2007 a Economic Research & Analysis Division