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Rural Electrification Corporation Limited
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Guidelines / Procedures Related

Guidelines / Procedures Related
Loan Policy Circulars
a Amendment in REC Commitment Policy for State Sector Borrowers
a Policy on Corporate Loan for Equity Financing vide LPC no. 003/2011 dated 19th July, 2012
a Policy Guidelines in respect of Premature Re-payment / Pre-payment of REC’s Term Loans & Short Term Loans vide LPC no. 002/2011 dated 20th Jan, 2011
a Charging of Upfront Fee in respect of Renewable Energy Projects vide LPC no. 006/2010 dated 3rd Nov, 2010
a Relaxation of T&C relating to Grading & charging additional interest of 0.5% p.a. for not providing default escrow, for the borrowers falling under the category of State Govt. Power Deptt. directly under the State Govt., and Extension of General Rebate/additonal rebate for Power Utilities of NE States vide LPC no. 004/2010 dated 24th September, 2010
a REC's scheme for Financing Power Purchase/Sale through Indian Energy Exchange vide LPC no. 001/2010 dated 13th Jan, 2010
a Securities to be furnished by the Borrowers for availing of REC Term Loans including for projects under Accelerated Power Development and Reforms Programme (APDRP) vide LPC no. 006/2009 dated 09th June, 2009
a Levying of Upfront Fees for Private Sector T&D Projects vide LPC no. 015/2008 dated 14th Oct., 2008
a Guidelines for valuation of existing assets for creation of first charge in favour of REC by State Sector Borrowers vide LPC no. 010/2008 dated 11th Aug., 2008
a Acceptance of Trust & Retention Account (TRA) & Revenue Retention Account as any other security mechanism acceptable to REC in respect of private IPPs/ Borrowers vide LPC no. 009/2008 dated 31st July, 2008
a Processing of loan proposals of Private Sector through the In-house Screening Committee, before putting up for sanction to the Competent Authority vide LPC no. 005/2008 dated 17th June, 2008
a Processing of loan proposals of State Sector or Private Sector through the In-house Screening Committee, before putting up to Board for sanction vide LPC no. 002/2008 dated 14th May, 2008
a Dated 26th November, 2007
a Dated 23rd July, 2007
a Dated 23rd May, 2007
a Dated 10th May, 2007